Ian Spivey

Software engineer, amateur chef, manager and curious person in Austin, Texas.



Americans, and particularly white Americans, need to confront our history of racial injustice and invest money and time in dismantling white supremacy and systemic racism. We're also on the verge of our last remotely-free election, because literal fascists are ascendant in our national government. If you can, find time and money to support these organizations and efforts that I support.

  • The Bail Project combats racial and economic disparities in the bail system, and supports protestors.
  • Austin Justice Coalition is a community racial justice group pursuing police abolition.
  • Austin Area Urban League, a chapter of the National Urban League, pays rent and bills for underprivileged people in crisis, which is critical right now.
  • NAACP's Legal Defense Fund pursues legal action to prevent vote supression and combat racial injustice.
  • Equal Justice Initiative works to end mass incarceration and challenge racial and economic injustice.
  • Tech Solidarity's State Slate and Great Slate seek to drive Democratic turnout by supporting down-ballot candidates in states where the Senate majority is likely to be decided. It's a much more effective use of dollars than giving to a Presidential campaign.

We don't know what tactics are ultimately going to be most effective, so let's pursue them all: voting, getting out the vote, direct relief for those most impacted by racial injustice and white supremacy, and protesting and direct action in the streets.


This is a collection of websites where individuals write things that I find delightful.

  • Julia Evans explains how computers work.
  • Kristian Freeman runs a welcoming community for developers at bytesized.xyz.
  • Sam Rhea writes about being a Texan in Portugal, and neat things he builds.
  • Austin Kleon is an artist and writer who writes about making art and living life.
  • Jenn Schiffer makes me laugh and learn things.
  • Stratechery by Ben Thompson is critical independent analysis of the business of technology.
  • Julie Zhuo writes about leadership in software design.