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Project Galileo: Lessons from 5 years of protecting the most vulnerable online

Today is the 5th anniversary of Cloudflare's Project Galileo. Through the Project, Cloudflare protects—at no cost—nearly 600 organizations around the world engaged in some of the most politically and artistically important work online.

Making progress in Cloudflare's EMEA operations, and looking ahead to a bright future

Cloudflare’s operations in Europe, the Middle East and Africa (EMEA) have seen great progress over the last year and the future looks even brighter. I joined as Head of EMEA Sales, taking responsibility for our customer-facing activity across the region, just over a year ago.

Why I’m helping Cloudflare build its partnerships worldwide

Cloudflare has always had an audacious mission: to help build a better Internet. From its inception, the company realized that a mission this big couldn’t be taken on alone.

Cloudflare Partners: A New Program with New Partners

Many overlook a critical portion of the language in Cloudflare’s mission: “to help build a better Internet.” From the beginning, we knew a mission this bold, an undertaking of this magnitude, couldn’t be done alone.

Announcing the New Cloudflare Partner Platform

When I first started at Cloudflare over two years ago, one of the first things I was tasked with was to help evolve our partner platform to support the changes in our service and the expanding needs of our partners and customers.

Enhancing the Optimizely Experimentation Platform with Cloudflare Workers

Experimentation is an important ingredient in driving business growth: whether you’re iterating on a product or testing new messaging, there’s no substitute for the data and insights gathered from conducting rigorous experiments in the wild.

科技点燃未来,未来尽在指掌之间 — Cloudflare 与你共赏安全界 “奥斯卡” DEF CON China 1.0 大会

世界顶级的安全会议正式引进中国, DEF CON China 1.0 在 5/30 以 "Technology's Promise" — “科技点燃未来” 为主旨,于北京拉开了序幕。

Technology's Promise - Highlights from DEF CON China 1.0

Themed "Technology's Promise", DEF CON China 1.0 kicked off on 5/30 in Beijing. The Cloudflare team from Beijing, Singapore and San Francisco attended to connect with local security communities.

MultiCloud... flare

If you want to start an intense conversation in the halls of Cloudflare, try describing us as a "CDN". CDNs don't generally provide you with Load Balancing, they don't allow you to deploy Serverless Applications, and they certainly don't get installed onto your phone.

Just Write Code: Improving Developer Experience for Cloudflare Workers

We’re excited to announce that starting today, Cloudflare Workers® gets a CLI, new and improved docs, multiple scripts for everyone, the ability to run applications on without bringing your own domain, and a free tier to make experimentation easier than ever.

Join the Cloudflare India Forum in Bangalore on 6 June 2019!

Please join us for an exclusive gathering to discover the latest in cloud solutions for Internet Security and Performance.

Cloudflare Repositories FTW

Kali Linux turned six years old this year! In this time, Kali has established itself as the de-facto standard open source penetration testing platform.

Join Cloudflare & PicsArt at our meetup in Yerevan!

The Cloudflare and PicsArt Armenia teams invite you to join us in a meet-up to learn about the newest in the Internet industry.

Stopping SharePoint’s CVE-2019-0604

On Saturday, 11th May 2019, we got the news of a critical web vulnerability being actively exploited in the wild by advanced persistent threats (APTs), affecting Microsoft’s SharePoint server (versions 2010 through 2019).

The Serverlist Newsletter: Connecting the Serverless Ecosystem

Check out our 5th edition of The Serverlist below. Get the latest scoop on the serverless space, get your hands dirty with new developer tutorials, engage in conversations with other serverless developers, and find upcoming meetups and conferences to attend.